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deviation in storage by prefight-DONUT


Draw It Again - Worst Fear Realized by Milykins
Draw It Again - Worst Fear Realized
Just in case anyone wanted to see these two side by side. It's really cool how you can see the differences. :)

Gabe © Milykins
Annabelle © musable
Meme © Bampire Blank: Here
Mira Nick Style by Milykins
Mira Nick Style
Finally finished colouring that sketch I did of Mirabelle in the new style. It's not an easy style to draw or colour, I'm not used to oversized forearms and their weird feet but I think it turned out well. I tried to give her a more youthful, teen look since the turtles in that show actually look and act like 15 yr olds. I wish her outfit was more interesting but her design is what it is, it's always been a simple look.

Anyway, thanks for looking!

Mirabelle © Milykins
Worst Fear Realized - Redone by Milykins
Worst Fear Realized - Redone
I decided to try and re-draw this deviation that I drew like eight years ago...I still really like this couple so I thought I'd try again.

I used this as my reference, flipped it and tried my best to make Gabe look like he was kneeling. I'm not totally happy with parts of it but I am happy with the overall outcome. :)

I also tried a similar background to the original, yay radial blur.

Gabe © :devmilykins:
Annabelle © :devmusable:


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Why yes! The TMNT are awesome
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: My own little world...
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock, Indy Rock,
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano in GREEN
Shell of choice: Can I have Michelangelo's? XD
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever tickles my fancy
Favourite cartoon character: Michelangelo, Aang,
Personal Quote: T-M-N-T! What you get is what you see! - Mikey

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2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
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10 Things About Me (I actually just did that many months ago, see my last journal entry some are recycled)

1. I have a 10 month old baby girl named Alice. I am not with her father, I was just miserable with him and just didn't want to see how wrong we were for each other until after she was born. Now I'm trying to move on and look towards the future and meeting somebody new eventually.
2. I love loose-leaf tea, it's just very comforting to drink a hot tea.
3. I went to school to become a teacher but decided it wasn't for me after some pretty bad experiences practice teaching. Now I'm much happier just working as an ECE.
4. I used to do donuts with my old car in this abandoned lot in the winter time. 
5. When I was little I was a pretty odd kid, I'd go up to families on the beach and try to join them and eat their food.
6. I've had bad acne since I hit puberty and don't really like the way I look, I'm working on it but right now my breastfeeding hormones are making it worse.
7. I've seen a lot of musicals and broadway shows, my favourite one is Cats.
8. One of the geekiest things I've ever done is make a t-shirt for the TMNT 2007 movie and wear it to the premier.
9. I think guys with dark hair are better-looking than guys with any other hair colour, there's something about dark hair and eyebrows that make me just swoon.
10. Alice makes me laugh every day with the new things she does. Lately she's taken to sticking her tongue out the left or right side of her mouth when she's happy.

1. What is your favourite childhood memory?
I've got many but how about this...I really loved watching cartoons and Disney movies as a kid in the 90s, those were some of the best days which is funny because I was in front of a screen but it was just the best watching shows like Gargoyles and Cardcaptors.
2. Did/do you have a pet that you had/have a strong connection with?  Tell us about them :3
I did have a really great cat for a short time named Miranda when I was much younger. She was the best, had such a funny spirited personality, sadly she was taken too soon and I just did not bond as well with my next cat.
3. Which TMNT do you most identify with? (not necessarily your favourite)
I still think it's Mikey, he loves drawing and art and having fun and so do I. The reason he's my favourite is because he's the one I identify most with.
4. What is your favourite beverage?
My favourite cold beverage would be an Iced Tea, not that un-sweetened kind but from the Nestea brand. My favourite hot drinks are tea and hot chocolate.
5. What is your favourite colour and why?
I like blue and pink, those are the colours I wear a lot of and there's just so many pretty shades, I dunno I just think they're really nice colours.
6. What outfit or article of clothing is your favorite and why?
I guess my favourite thing to wear right now is sweaters and my skinny jeans, and pyjamas, pretty boring I know.
7. What is your dream for the future?
My dream is to find someone that loves me and accepts me for who I am and is a good father figure for Alice. Someone I can be truly happy with and Alice will be happy with as well.
8. Is there a subject/hobby that you are interested in that you don't often get to talk about?  What is it?
I have recently become interested in 18" dolls like the American Girl dolls. I don't really get to talk about them that much because they're typically owned by young preteen girls. But I'm part of a forum of adult collectors so that's how I get out my inquiries and opinions about it.
9. What is the geekiest thing you own?
I have a t-shirt that has been signed by nearly all of the original TMNT artists and many of the TMNT voice actors from the 80s show to the 2k3 show. I guess that's pretty nerdy.
10. What do you collect and why?
Well currently 18" dolls, G3 MLP (I like restoring them) and anything TMNT that I find that I like.

Now my questions again...most are recycled because nobody used them before:

1. If you could pick your perfect guy from any tv show/movie who would you pick?
2. What is your first memory?
3. Describe a time when you were a kid and you felt that everything was right in the world.
4. Tell me about an interesting dream you once had.
5. Want kids? Don't want kids? Why or why not?
6. When you're sick, what helps you feel better?
7. What was your favourite animated film of 2013?
8. What is one of the geekiest things you've ever done?
9. What is your favourite comfort food?
10. What do you think about Canada?

Oh and I tag...(only do it if you want to but if you do please reply so I can see your answers)

:iconklork: :icondr-innocentchild: :iconluckycyberbunny: :iconinner-d: :icondnlnamek01: :iconredhead-k: :icondymira128: :iconshiny-pebble: :iconyapi: :iconpocketfairychibi:

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  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Eating: Skor bar pieces
  • Drinking: Green Tea

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