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How it Began: Kaoru's Story

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the TMNT characters © Viacom, I only own Kaoru, Mirii, Ariah, Tven, Jeannie and Kino.

Chapter 29

Kaoru could barely contain herself as her and the small contingent of resistance fighters mainly composed of the Turtles, Ariah and a few others were loaded onto a replica Federation transport carrier.

They had security clearance that would get them into the prison docking area and would use the guise of transporting prisoners to the planet below. Donatello was very proud to say he was able to assist with the security measures.

The first part of the trip amazingly went off without a hitch. The ship had been allowed to land and one could safely assume there wasn’t any suspicion as many similar ships were either docking or taking off, some containing prisoners, others were dropping off food and supplies.

Leonardo dressed in his replicated prison uniform and took a breath when Ariah slipped his security ID card over his neck.

“You can do this.” She told him and fitted his earpiece, which would be hidden in his hat. “We’ll be right here, all you have to say is that the prisoners are being brought to the planet’s surface for questioning.”

Kaoru approached him next and placed her hand on his shoulder, “I thank you for doing this Leonardo…may your skill as a ninja and strength as a warrior lead you to success.”

He nodded and took a breath, “Well it’s now or never,” he said and gave one last wave before leaving. He went to exit the ship from the side making sure he was not seen, he then went to join other similarly dressed prison workers flashing their ID badges to gain entry to the massive prison.

He copied the others and let out a breath as they waved him through. Now all he had to do was find the two prisoners he was looking for. Looking at the huge layout of the prison he realized this was going to be harder than it looked.

Luckily he happened to have a genius for a brother for her heard Ariah’s voice buzz in his ear. “Are you in? Donatello has the location of Kino and Jeannie, they are being held in B6 in rooms 314 and 315.”

He murmured a response and headed to the lifts that would take him to Area ‘A’. He had almost made it when he felt a sharp tap on his shoulder.

“Hey!” A gruff voice said. “Where do you think you’re going?”

Leo turned to see a large anthropomorphic, rhinoceros-like alien standing over him. He remained calm and tried to assume he didn’t think he was an imposter and answered coolly. “What business of it is yours?” He wished he could do the ‘tough guy’ mentality like Raph but this would have to do.

The Rhino-man snorted, “New recruits start in level A! We give you the easy prisoners to start…”

Leo thought quickly, maybe he could use this to his advantage. “You think I’m not tough enough to handle the prisoners in level B?” he challenged.

Rhino-man laughed. “You think you can handle the B-Prisoners?! A little guy like you?”

He crossed his arms and tried to look nonchalant. “I’ve seen worse than those ‘weaklings.’”

“Weaklings?” Rhino-man repeated blinking a few times before clapping him on the back. “I like a man with a sense of humour! Well it’s your funeral, head on up to Level B, the prisoners need to be brought down for their daily ‘exercise…’” he said before leaving.

Leo gave him a salute and headed to the lift. Why would a woman who used to be a respected scientist be on the same level as some of the toughest prisoners in here? He would have to wait an see as he entered the lift to Level B, a few other prison guards entered as well and he couldn’t help but notice a female snake-like alien eyeing him as the lift sprang to life.

“New here?” She purred. “I see you’re taking on the big guys, I like that in a man.” She grinned.

When the lift stopped he was relieved she didn’t exit with him, instead she whispered. “Meet me in the lunchroom after your shift.” And then something else that made his eyes widen and his face grow hot.

“Uh…thanks.” He mustered, and could only imagine how the whole ship must be laughing hilariously as his little encounter.

He shook his head and began walking through the B Areas, B1…B2…B3, he could definitely see some difficult-looking prisoners turning their eyes to him as he walked by. Most of them looked pretty terrifying, especially a big black alien with an elongated head that seemed to be dripping venom from its jaws. He knew the levels went right up to D and wondered what the heck kind of prisoners were there.

Finally B6 and then he understood. Most of the prisoners here looked sickly and weak. Perhaps this was the medical area of the prison? He didn’t see any doctors around which added to his confusion. Maybe this is where they were left to die? Feeling a sense of urgency he searched quickly until he finally found the rooms he was looking for, 314…and 315. Peering into 314 he saw the woman who seemed to be in relatively good health, maybe a little too thin. She looked at him with a questioning expression.

The sight he saw in 315 was truly shocking to him, he was glad Kaoru had not been able to see it. Kino was slumped over the bed with half of his body on the floor. At first Leonardo was afraid he wasn’t breathing, he sighed in relief when he saw slight movements of his back rising and falling. His skin was the worst part, bumps, bruises and a few scars and it was so, incredibly dry. Instead of the smooth, supple, shiny skin like Kaoru’s, his was dull, lifeless and chapped-looking.

Leonardo quickly deduced that if he were not exposed to water soon, he very well would die. He swiped his card key in Jeannie’s room first. Startled, she backed away from him in fear. “It’s okay.” He said in a low voice. “I’m here to get you out of here.”

She stayed put she struggled whether to trust him or not. There had been many times male prison guards tried to drag her out of her cell for less-than-inviting reasons.

Leo knew they didn’t have much time so he tried again. “Look, your friend is going to die if we don’t get him out of here, please come with me.” He added, “I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Realizing she had never seen him before, and that she really had nothing to lose, she stood slowly an approached him. “Okay…” she said in a careful voice and she followed him to Kino’s room.

She gasped at the sight of him when Leo opened the door to his cell. “Kino…you look so much worse…”she said in a choked voice.

In what seemed like an eternity Kino finally lifted his head, his face was no better than the rest of his body but his eyes, Leo could see that the will to live was still there.

“Can you stand?” Leo said, and when he nodded slightly he added. “With help?” and he went to lend an arm to help him get up. Jeannie went to the other side and together they were able to get him into a standing position.

“He’s so weak.” Jeannie said softly. “He needs water, they never give us enough.”

Leonardo knew they had to act fast. “You need to listen carefully. If anyone asks you’re being brought to the planet’s surface for questioning. I might have to treat you a bit roughly and I need to handcuff both of you.”

Kino’s feet were shackled already as were Jeannie’s and the two of them held their hands out to be cuffed at the wrists.

“Now follow me.” Leo said as he prepared to lead them out. Kino shuffled slowly ahead of him with Jeannie at his side. It was time to do this. Leo would get them out of the hellhole or die trying.

As they made their way back to the lifts they were lucky enough not to catch the eye of too many other prison guards circulating on their shifts. Most of them were busy leading prisoners and bringing meals. Leo knew it was only a matter of time before someone went to check on rooms 314 and 315.

He breathed a sigh of relief when they made it to the empty lift, a few moments later they were on ground level again. They had to be ever more cautious now for there were quite a few more workers walking around there. He led them off the lift when Kino suddenly tripped from his exhaustion. Leo, not wanting to draw attention to them roughly picked him up, which was no easy task in itself. Despite the fact he was malnourished and weak it felt like he was lifting a 250lb dead weight off the floor. He whispered an apology and kept them moving, only a little bit further.

They had just about made it to the exit when a voice behind them said. “Where do you think you’re taking those prisoners?”

Leo turned and groaned inwardly, not this guy again! “I’ve been ordered to take these two to the planet’s surface for questioning.” He answered.

The Rhino-man blinked and then said. “You can’t possibly be bringing that one down.” He said referring to Kino. “I’m surprised he’s even still alive, they stopped bringing rations to him a week ago.”

A week?! Leo was appalled and then continued as calmly as he could. “Well there’s been a change of plans, they specifically requested these two prisoners. They need to answer for their crimes against the Federation.”

“Who requested them?” The Rhino-man asked, eyeing them suspiciously.

“Who?” Leo repeated, “The General of course. This is going to be a personal interrogation.” He said, looking the rhino-man dead in the eyes.

A few agonizing moments later as Rhino-Man contemplated his answers he finally nodded knowingly. “Ahh, one of those interrogations, you should have let me in on this when we first talked! I want details when you return…” he said rubbing his palms together.

“Will do!” Leo said and prepared to lead them on and added. “Oh I think someone is waiting for you in the food court after hours, she said it was important.”

Upon hearing this, the Rhino-man’s demeanor changed immediately as his smile became a naughty grin. He hurried off in the direction of the food court finally leaving Leo alone to leave with Kino and Jeannie.

They finally made their way to the ship, which opened immediately, as soon as the doors closed Kino’s strength finally gave out and he collapsed on the floor. Leo quickly explained that he was extremely dehydrated and malnourished. Kaoru was immediately at his side. As the ship began to take off he knew they were safe. He was about to sink into a chair himself when Ariah suddenly went and hugged him. “You did it!” She cried. “You were awesome!”

His brothers nodded in agreement as well. “Great job bro,” Raph said sounding genuinely impressed.

“Dude! You were so great! Especially with that Rhino guy,” Mikey added.

“Well,” Leo said, giving them a weary smile, “I couldn’t have done it without you guys either.”

As their conversation continued, Kaoru was still in shock at the state Kino and Jeannie were in. Jeannie had allowed herself to be treated by their medic who had given her something to eat and drink. A week of good meals and plenty of water would get her back to where she needed to be.

Kino’s condition was much more serious, upon hearing he had not had anything to eat or drink for a week he was quickly hooked up to an intravenous drip to get his liquids back up. Kaoru also requested he be placed in water as soon as they returned to the lair.

When the fuss over the two now ex-prisoners had ended Kaoru finally allowed herself to give into the emotional trauma of it all. She shed angry tears as she tightly held his hand, she wanted to be angry with the Federation or the ones in the prison but ultimately she was angry with herself for not being there.

Jeannie knew she couldn’t offer up much comfort at the moment, she was just beyond thankful that they were finally free.

Kaoru bent her head, placing it on his hand as she whispered. “I’m so sorry…my love…”

“It’s not your fault Kaoru…” Jeannie said comfortingly. “He never gave up hope that you’d return someday. They tried so many times to break him, finally they thought that removing food and water would do it. I told them that they’d better stop feeding me too.”

Kaoru wiped her tears and took hold of Jeannie’s hand. “I thank you for watching over him.” She said.

Jeannie shook her dirty blond waves and she chucked slightly. “It was really the other way around, he was always making sure I was all right, I owe my life to him. He took a lot of hits for me.”

Kaoru smiled and turned to him again, it was hard for her to see him this way looking so pale and weak. “Will he be all right?” she asked Jeannie, a hint of fear in her voice.

“Thanks to your friends, he’s going to pull through, he couldn’t have lasted much longer though.” She said, giving her hand a squeeze. “He knows you’re safe, that’s reason enough for him to keep fighting.”

Over the next few days Kaoru barely left Kino’s side as he recovered. They left the IV in him for a few days just to be safe and kept him immersed in a pool of water as per Kaoru’s request. By the third day his skin already looked better, the colour improved and the bumps, scratches and bruises were less noticeable. He stayed asleep though, the doctors were unsure of whether he was in a self-induced coma or not. They were too unfamiliar with Kaerin physiology. Kaoru and her people knew better, it was very common for one who had suffered deep trauma to take a long sleep in order for the body to recover. Although Kaoru knew this, patience was never her strong suit and the waiting was agonizing.

Jeannie was able to recover as well, she was surprised to learn she had actually become part of the true resistance. She could definitely understand Kaoru’s hesitance to join them in the first place after what happened with Lonae. When she was ready she sat down with Ariah and told her everything she knew about Ivan and what the doctors had been planning to do with the information gained from studying Kaoru and Kino. They knew they had already synthesized anti-venom so weaponizing it would prove to be futile.

She also spoke of the inhumane treatment of the prisoners on the moon base. This information could prove to be useful in convincing the old president to take charge again.

After her initial meeting with the turtles she found herself working alongside the one called Donatello. His keen intellect and calm demeanor meshed well with her soft-spoken yet matter-of-fact attitude. He appreciated her knowledge of biology and Federation medical practices and she had to admit the man was a genius. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship she thought.


Night had fallen on the third day that preceded the prison rescue. Kaoru still had not left Kino’s side and all that tried to persuade her to rest had failed. Even her own sister couldn’t get her to move for she was dead-set on being the first one Kino saw when he woke up.

Leo had finally had enough, the strain of watching him day after day was taking its toll on her, she needed to get some rest and she was going to.  

He tapped on the door to Kino’s room in the medical centre causing Kaoru to jolt awake. He sighed. “You need rest.”

“I can do that here,” she replied stubbornly.

He let himself in and sat in an adjacent chair beside the tub where Kino lay. “Kaoru, this…this is not healthy. You need to take a break, let someone else watch him for a while.”

She shook her head vigorously, “I cannot, I need to be here when he wakes!” she said insistently.

Leo knew straight-up telling her to get some rest would never work so he tried a different approach. “Why is this so important to you?” he asked, “He must have seen you when we first brought him aboard the ship after the prison rescue.”

Kaoru bit her lip, he did have a point…there was a split-second moment where their eyes met for the first time since being separated from him weeks ago for her and months for him. All too quickly his strength had left him and he had collapsed from day after day of being denied the basic necessities of life.

“I’m right aren’t I?” Leo said. “It’s not like he’s going to wake up and wonder whether you’re safe or not.”

“Yes but…” she began, realizing she was losing this battle. “It’s been so long…I wanted so badly to be the one he wakes up to.”

“Listen Kaoru…I understand, I’ve been where you are. There was a time when my brothers and I were battling an evil man known as The Shredder. One day my brother Raphael decided to take on too many of the Shredder’s opponents and got beaten really badly. We had to hide out in an old farmhouse while he recovered. I didn’t want to leave his s’ ide either, and I took to sleeping in an old chair. Ironically we put him in the bathtub too.” He said smiling in reminiscence of it all.

“So you do understand…yet you still want me to leave him and rest?” she said raising her brow.

He gave her a sheepish grin, “Well…you do want him to see you at your best don’t you?” he said, “You need to keep your strength up for the final mission.”

Kaoru gave a long sigh of defeat. “Fine Leonardo, I will go and rest…” she said, “Just a few moments more.” She gazed at Kino’s peacefully sleeping face, thankful for the slow rise and fall of his chest. “Leonardo…I never properly thanked you for the great risks you took in bringing him back to me.”

Leo gave a half-hearted shrug. “It was nothing…” he said humbly.

Her piercing gaze fell on him as she shook her head. “It was not nothing! I will repay this debt to you, one day.” She said firmly.

He smiled. “Okay,” a few moments went by and he finally broke the silence. “What’s with the water?” he asked, although he had heard the scientific reason from Donnie, that her species absorbed water better through their skin as it was very porous. Still he was interested in hearing her reasoning on why it was important.

“Water heals,” she said simply gazing back at Kino’s peacefully sleeping face. “We are born in water and we spend a lot of our lives in it. Water is life.”

He nodded in understanding. “I see,” then added, “It is for any living creature.” He got up and placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “Go rest, if he wakes up I’ll come and get you.”

She exhaled as if she had been holding her breath and rose to her feet. “Thank you Leonardo.”

“You’re welcome,” he replied and sat back down in the seat she had been occupying.

She took one last look at Kino and finally left. Leo was left wondering what he was going to do for the next few hours…
Kaoru's Story: Ch 29
Finally the big rescue happened! Let me know how I did. I wanted it to be more of a covert operation than a really action-packed shoot-out...(it's coming) so I think it worked.

Kaoru and Kino are finally together again! Sort of...he just has to wake up. (But when...) I really liked writing the parts about their physiology, such as her species wouldn't get all wrinkled up by being in water for too long, they are so well-adapted to it they could pretty much live in water.

I'm trying to work out how I'm going to end this story so please bear with me if I take a while for the next chapter. 

Thanks everyone!

Last Chapter: Here Next Chapter: Coming Soon...
How it Began: Kaoru's Story

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the TMNT characters © Viacom, I only own Kaoru, Mirii, Ariah, Tven, Jeannie and Kino.

Chapter 28

Kaoru had chosen to wear the bodysuit given to her by Jhanna; her weapon, powered-down fit nicely on her hip. She was ready.

As she stood with Leonardo and his brothers she waited, pushing the feelings of nervousness as far down as she could. Donatello was typing in the co-ordinates as their friend Leatherhead stood at the control panel ready to begin the transport.

“Okay!” Donnie said, pressing a few more buttons before hurrying over to the platform. “That should do it LH!” He called to his crocodilian friend.

Leatherhead gave him a thumbs-up. “Good luck my friends, may your mission be a success.” He initiated the start sequence and waved goodbye.

Kaoru soon felt the familiar sensation of her body becoming rigid and then the instantaneous transportation across space. Before she knew it they were standing rematerialized on Jhanna’s ship orbiting Planet D’Hoonib.

There was only one problem.

They were surrounded by Federation battle cruisers.

Then Kaoru saw something that made her blood run cold, the sneering face of General Ivan on a large screen staring directly at them.

“Well if it isn’t the alien life-forms known as ‘The Turtles!’” He sneered, then fixing his eyes on Kaoru. “And you…still attempting to save that pitiful species of yours?”

Kaoru stared back with venom in her gaze. This man would pay but how were they going to get out of this mess?

Leonardo was seething inwardly. Someone must have tipped him off…someone from Jhanna’s planet maybe?  Whoever it was he should have assumed this would happen. But now what? He glanced at Donatello, maybe he had an idea?

“Now,” continued the General. “Surrender, or we’ll open fire.”

Donatello had decided enough was enough, “Surrender this!” he cried, hoping to catch them off-guard he took control of the ship and the weapons at their disposal and fired.

He landed a direct hit on the General’s cruiser and zoomed off.  He couldn’t hope to outrun them but he could try landing on the planet’s surface and hide in plain sight.

The General’s cruisers were in hot pursuit as Donatello steered their ship into the atmosphere. He only had to evade them for a little longer. Shots were being fired and as good as a pilot Donatello thought he was, they were not going to come out of this unscathed.

A large city was coming into view, ‘perfect’ thought Donatello as he steered toward the forest flanking the city. There was a clearing just outside the city, it would be a rough landing but they would be able to go into the crowds and hopefully lose the Federation soldiers.

The ship shook and everyone braced themselves for the inevitable crash-land. Donatello managed to bring the ship down into the clearing. “Okay everyone go!” Leonardo shouted as the group exited the ship making their way through the forest toward the city. Unfortunately the Federation soldiers were in hot pursuit close behind them.

As they neared the city it was becoming questionable as to whether they would outrun their enemies. That is, until something incredible happened. A camouflaged door in the ground swung open while a person beckoned them inside. “Come on! We know why you’re here!” she shouted.

Having no other choice the five of them hopped into the hole, the hatch shut behind them and why waited with bated breath as they heard the soldiers closing in on their location. Minutes later they heard footfalls above their heads. Mikey almost let out a whimper but not before Raph clapped a hand over his mouth. A few agonizing moments later the soldiers moved on and all was silent.

A collective sigh of relief was heard by all parties as five pairs of eyes turned to their would-be rescuer.

“Thanks,” said Leo,

“You really saved our butts.” Raph said then added with a suspicious look on his face, “Why…?”

The girl, sporting flaming red hair and piercing green eyes gave them a serious expression. “We are the Federation Resistance, I knew you were on our side because of her.” She said gesturing to Kaoru who was still trying to work things through.

Resistance…she had heard that word before, she was suddenly brought back to the purple-haired woman called Lonae and the utter betrayal of her, Kino, and Jeannie. “You lie!” She suddenly yelled, causing all parties to turn to her with shocked expressions. She immediately went to attack this woman only to be held back by Leonardo.

“Kaoru stop! What are you doing?!” he cried, trying his best to hold her back.

She continued to try and wrench herself free, “The ‘Resistance’ is what got them captured in the first place! Kino and Jeannie, we were all deceived!”

“Lonae…” The girl said, causing Kaoru to suddenly stop struggling. “You remember her don’t you?” She said looking at Leonardo and his brothers.

“The crazy chick with the purple hair?” Michelangelo said.

“She was double-crossing the Federation, why the hell would anyone in their right mind trust her of all people?!” Raph added and upon seeing Kaoru’s hurt expression backpedaled. “I mean…we had no idea either that she was doing the same thing to the old general.”

“Lonae just manipulates anyone she has to in order to get ahead.” The red-headed girl said and turned to Kaoru with a soft expression. “I am so sorry about your friends but you have to trust me, this is the real Resistance.”

Kaoru let her arms fall to her sides and felt Leonardo release her. It was true, she had a feeling this girl was telling the truth, plus the turtles knew of Lonae as well and she knew she could trust them. “I …apologize.” She said.

She gave Kaoru a smile, “It’s alright, we’re all angry.” She continued addressing the five of them. “We know about the oppression of her people, her plight is our plight. Too long have we suffered under Federation rule while our president cowers, letting madmen like Ivan rule without conscience, without mercy.” She said gravely.

“So…” Mikey said as he sidled up to her. “Your hideout is underground huh? Ours too.” He gave her a flirty smile until he was unceremoniously bopped on the head by Raph.

“Jeez Mikey leave her alone why don’tcha…” He said, and stepped in front of him.

The girl giggled slightly. “Please follow me, my name is Ariah, I am one of the leaders of the Resistance, we heard rumours of the four ‘alien green lifeforms’ returning to D’Hoonib soon. I’m glad to see we were right.”

Leonardo was somewhat shocked. “You know about us?” He asked.

She gave him a smile, “On the contrary, you four gained quite the reputation around here since the whole Triceriton/Federation battle that took place. You’re kind of the local heroes around here.”

“It obviously wasn’t enough,” Donatello said, “Clearly a resistance of this magnitude means the people have been oppressed long before we got here.”

Ariah nodded, “Unfortunately yes, General Blanque going to jail was just the beginning, after he named his second-in-command after Lonae, Ivan really cracked down hard. His pitch to exploit other worlds for their resources was originally rejected by the Federation council, but when council members began showing up dead…they agreed to his terms.” She turned to Kaoru. “Your planet was the first to be seized, but I do have some good news…” She continued leading them to a wide-open area with many people all shapes, sizes and colours milling about, chatting and some selling wares and food.

Then Kaoru gasped, another one of her species, and another! “I thought I was the only one…” she finally said.

“We’ve been able to liberate a few of your species which now take refuge in our lair. It’s slow-going though…the prison camps are sealed up pretty tight and we’ve lost a lot of brave men and women to the prison.” Ariah said.

Suddenly there was a high-pitched shriek causing everyone to draw their weapons. Heads swiveled in the direction of the noise. That’s when Kaoru saw something that brought tears to her eyes. “Mirii…?”

“Kaoru!!” A pink blur rushed through the turtles and almost completely knocked her over. “It’s really you!!” her little sister continued hugging her tightly until Kaoru finally pulled out of the hug, staring at her in shock.

“Mirii, I thought…I thought you were dead…” Kaoru said wiping any remaining tears from her eyes. “I saw you fall…”

Mirii nodded. “They wanted us alive…none of us but you and Kino made it out!” She looked around at the four turtles with a confused expression. “Where is Kino? Who are they?”

“Kino was…captured.” Kaoru said with a heaviness in her voice. “Along with a woman that was trying to help us escape. These four are going to help us. I traveled a great distance to seek their help.”

The turtles introduced themselves and Mirii had another surprise for her. She called Jai over who also managed to escape. She explained that her and a small contingent of their tribe had been held captive for months and that most had only lived in the Resistance lair for a short time.

“Months?! I’ve only been gone for a few weeks!” Kaoru exclaimed when she heard that.

Ariah was able to explain that one to her. “Time passes differently across galaxies but we don’t need to wait any longer, preparations will begin tonight.”

In the next few hours Kaoru busied herself with filling in her little sister about all of her travels and her adventures which brought her to where they were now. Mirii’s eyes looked as if they would pop right out of her head.

“It’s amazing everything you’ve seen and done, sister,” Mirii said in awe of it all. “Think of all the stories you’ll be able to tell when we’re all able to go back home.”

Kaoru gave her sister a less-than-hopeful stare. “You really believe we’ll be able to go back home?”

Expression unchanged she nodded. “Of course I do. I never lost hope even when we were at our lowest…” she said, her gaze fell as she was brought back to the awful time spent in the prison camps.

Kaoru felt an exceeding amount of sympathy for her sister, what horrors must she have had to endure? She wasn’t sure she wanted to know. “I’m glad you’re safe little sister.” She said, pulling her into a hug.

“Jai protected me.” Mirii murmured against Kaoru’s chest. “We’re…well…” she stumbled on her words looking embarrassed as she pulled away from the hug.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything.” Kaoru said and almost laughed at the sight of her. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”

Meanwhile the turtles were given some downtime and a tour of the underground lair of the Federation Resistance. They also spoke of plans with Ariah and the other resistance leaders. Rescuing Kaoru’s friends was the first step and they quickly hatched a plan. They could get them in undetected but once they were inside they were on their own until they could make their way outside to the escape vehicle that would be waiting. Blending in would be easy as the Federation was looking for turtles wearing a bandana over their eyes, a little make-up, replicating a uniform, and an ID badge would be all they needed.

It was decided that Leo would pose as a prison guard and find a way to let the two out of their cells. Raph, Mikey and Donnie would be standing by as back-up if needed but an all-out attack was to be avoided at all costs. They were outmanned and definitely outgunned should they be discovered.

It was also agreed that Kaoru should wait at the lair. Not only did she possess a very specific and unique face that they entire Federation was looking for, her feelings for her friends could seriously jeopardize the mission. They left it up to Leo to deliver the bad news…

He found her sitting by an underground fountain, trailing her fingers through the falling water.

“Kaoru?” He said, causing her head to snap up at him as she placed her hands in her lap.

She beckoned him to sit beside her. “Please sit, Leonardo.”

He complied and noticed the fountain behind her. “Beautiful,” he commented. “You wouldn’t think to see something like this down here.”

“It’s funny, water does not behave this way on my homeworld, yet it still reminds me of home.” She said thoughtfully then turned to him. “You have come to tell me something.”

Well that made it easier to bring it up, he thought sheepishly. “Uh yeah…we’re going on a mission tomorrow to rescue your friends from the prison.” He said.

Kaoru’s face broke into a shocked smile. “Is this really true?” She asked.

He nodded, “Yes, Ariah is going to send us up tomorrow morning.”

“I will ready myself then.” Kaoru said, preparing to get up.

“Wait.” Leo said, gently placing a hand on her arm. “You’re not going…we all figured it was in the best interest of the mission to have you wait here.”

Kaoru felt her face grow warm as anger bristled within her. She wasn’t allowed to go on the mission to save the two people that she had grown to truly care for? “Not going?” She repeated.

“We can’t have too many people coming on this mission, it is strictly get in, get out, remain undercover to make the mission a success.” He said in his matter-of-fact tone.

Sometimes she really hated the logical side of Leonardo. “You think I would not make this mission a success?” She said, her voice rising.

“N- yes, I’m sure you would, however, you cannot go rushing in there, this is a heavily armed high-security prison and we know you already have strong feelings on the two being held captive.” He said.

The logical side of Kaoru was trying to get her to see reason but the anger was overpowering everything. “If you want the mission to be a success you would see fit to include me!” She turned on her heel and angrily headed to her room.

A confused Mirii who witnessed her dramatic departure promised Leo she would talk to her sister. Leo thanked her tiredly and headed off to his own room, on his way there he wondered if they truly were making the right decision for the mission.


At their scheduled mealtime later on Kaoru still was not speaking to him. She said with her sister a ways from him and cast angry glances at him from time to time. He sighed, she was really not going to be easy about this. Maybe leaving her out of the mission was a bad idea he thought.

Leonardo was sitting with Ariah, Mikey, Donnie and Raph. He groaned inwardly. “Are we really doing the right thing excluding her from the mission to save her boyfriend?” he asked pointedly.

“Leo, let her be, the whole reason we decided not to include her was because you said she’d make a huge fuss about it and blow our cover!” Raphael said, growing increasingly more annoyed at this matter between him and Kaoru.

He gave an exasperated sigh, “I know what I said Raph.” He clipped. “I was only wondering if we should have her wait in the ship, she would have to promise to stay put that’s all.”

Raph stopped eating and gave his brother an expression of disbelief. “You really think she’s going to do that Leo?”

“You did say she was a flight risk.” Donatello added. “Now all of a sudden you’ve changed your mind?”

Raph huffed, “Because she got pissy at him.”

Ariah decided to put a stop to this arguing right at that moment. “Look Leo, we all trust you to make the right decision, if you feel Kaoru should join us on this mission than so be it.” She gave him a small smile. “It’s in your hands.”

Leo couldn’t help but smile back at her. “Thanks Ariah, we’ll be ready at 0800 hours, the decision will be made by then.”

She nodded, “Perhaps you’d like to exercise after dinner, I can meet you in our training area if you’d like.”

He smiled again, “I’d like that,” he answered, and felt a blush creep across his face as Mikey let out an obnoxious ‘Ooooooooh!’.

“Shut up Mikey,” Raph said before bopping him on the head.


As much as Kaoru hated to admit it, she couldn’t stay mad at Leonardo. After all, he did have a point, her feelings for Kino and Jeannie could get in the way of the mission. Her heart ached to see him again but what if he was already dead? Could she really bear going all the way there just to find out she had been weeks or days too late?

“Maybe I should just wait an see.” She murmured, her voice being caught by her sister’s ears.

“Wait for what?” Mirii asked. “To see if they rescue him?”

She nodded, “What if this is all pointless? We don’t even know if they’ll be successful.”

Mirii shook her head, “I hate to see you so full of doubt sister, you’ll never know if you don’t try.”

“What would you do?” Kaoru suddenly asked. “Would you stay behind?”

She thought for a moment. “All I know,” She finally said, “If that was my only love, I would want to make sure my face was one of the first things he sees after being rescued.”

Kaoru hadn’t thought of it that way. She did want that, even if it meant waiting in the ship for him. Surely they would allow that, if she promised not to impede the mission in any way. She stood suddenly, thanking her sister. It was time to talk to Leonardo.

The turtle in question was just finishing up a training session with Ariah, the two had been getting along pretty well since their arrival. She tossed him a towel to wipe the sweat from his brow. That’s when they two of them saw Kaoru, she walked right up to them turned to Leo and said. “We need to talk.”

He hung the towel around his neck. “Sure, just give me ten minutes to shower, I’ll meet you by the fountain.

She gave a nod, “Thank you.” She said and walked away.

After she had gone, Ariah couldn’t help but chuckle at the spectacle. “Straight to the point isn’t she?”

He laughed slightly as well. “That’s Kaoru…this Kino of hers, I wonder if he knows how much of a spitfire is.”

“I’m sure he does, it’s probably the only thing that’s kept him going all this time.” Ariah said.

Leo felt a pang of guilt at her words, “I have to take her on the mission don’t I?”

She patted him on his broad shoulder. “I leave that entirely up to you.” She winked and headed towards the women’s changing room. “See you later?”

He smiled. “Later,” and went to shower in the men’s changing room.

A little over 12 minutes later, he was heading down to meet Kaoru at the fountain, she sat with one leg crossed over the other and her back straight, looking impatient.

“Kaoru,” he said, coming up to her and sitting down next to her. “Before you say anything I wanted to apologize.” Her quizzical expression told him she did not understand, so he continued. “It was wrong of me to assume you wouldn’t have been any help to us on the mission.”

“I accept your apology,” she said and before she could say more he put up his hand to stop her.

“—that being said, I believe you should join us. You will stay on the ship with Donatello and serve as back-up if we need help getting your friends safely on board.” He gave her a small smile. “Would that be acceptable?”

She nodded, then without warning she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. “Thank you Leonardo, I will not let you down.”

He returned the hug and grinned. “Now get some sleep, wake up call will be bright and early.”

“I will,” she said with a serious expression and headed off to her living quarters.

Leonardo now felt he could sleep soundly that night knowing he had made the right decision.  His only hope now was that their mission was a successful one. He had to remind himself that all they could do was go through with it and he intended to, no matter what.
Kaoru's Story: Ch 28
Here's another installment of Kaoru's story! We're finally getting to the good stuff!

Are Kino and Jeannie finally going to get rescued?! I think they've suffered enough don't you?! Well you'll just have to wait an see!

Also thank you to my reviewers in my last chapter! I'm glad I still have some! :boogie:

Last Chapter: Here Next Chapter: Coming Soon
How it Began: Kaoru's Story

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the TMNT characters © Viacom, I only own Kaoru, Tven, Jeannie and Kino.

Chapter 27

Word meanings/pronunciations:

Kaoru - prounounced 'Kare-oo'
Kino - pronounced 'Kee-no

It had been about a week since their almost-kiss on the rooftop and it was obvious there was now a clear sense of awkwardness between Kaoru and Leo.  Leonardo was struggling within himself to explain his feelings and in turn he was shying away from any kind of contact with Kaoru.  Raphael wasn’t any kind of help during this.  He would only defend his point of being right about everything.  Leo could just hear him saying she was trouble and that they should have never gotten involved with her in the first place.  Mikey and Donnie weren’t much help either, Don was far too involved in fixing the transmat.  Mikey couldn’t keep his mouth shut and Leo was set on not letting his issues travel around the whole lair.  Finally he decided he needed to seek guidance from his mentor Splinter.
Kaoru too, was having her own difficulties.  With Leonardo avoiding her and the other brothers not being very talkative she felt very isolated indeed.  It made her feel angry and hurt that he had made her feel like he was a friend and now he was acting like they were nothing more than acquaintances.  After their encounter on the roof she could tell he desired her.  Strange feelings began to stir within her from the experience.  To her horror she found herself imagining his lips upon hers and how different they might feel from Kino’s.  The logical side of her tried to tell her that her heart belonged to Kino and whether he was alive or dead it didn’t matter.  Still the loneliness of her situation was beginning to break down her careful demeanor and left her longing to be held and wanted.

She felt as if her heart was torn between two worlds.

It had been a few days without speaking to Leo that she figured she needed to speak to him whether he liked it or not.  She needed to know she had an ally in him for that would mean the difference between success and ultimate failure on their mission.  She also needed answers to the burning questions swirling within her.  

Leo tapped softly on the paper-covered sliding doors of his master’s room.

“Come in Leonardo.” The aging voice of the old rat beckoned.

Leonardo entered he room and gave his father a respective bow before kneeling before him.  “Good evening father.” He said softly.  He knew his master would be able to sense immediately that something was wrong.  Splinter had the amazing ability to read others like no one else could.  His energy was calm yet powerful.  Leonardo was already feeling better just sitting in his presence.

Splinter carefully tipped the small terra-cotta teapot into a small cup.  He gave the tea a small whiff before bringing the cup to his lips. “So, what is troubling you my son?” he asked after taking a sip.

“Well…” Leo began, scratching the back of his head and flushing slightly.  “It’s Kaoru, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but when I’m around her I just feel…like I’m not in control of myself.  I can’t see the sense in pursuing a relationship with her when one kiss from her could be fatal.” He lowered his head into his hands.  “I just don’t know…what’s with me.” He lamented before turning his face up to see his master’s expression.

Splinter was smiling now his eyes nearly shut into small slits as he took another sip.  “My son, you know exactly the path you need to take.  There are times when strong feelings do not necessarily translate into feelings of romance.  This girl needs you, not as her lover but as her friend.”

Leonardo gave a slight nod.  “Yes Master, I understand where my priorities lie but how do I know she still desires me as a friend…?”

“Her loneliness speaks louder than her words, surely you must be able to see.” Splinter said.

Leonardo had noticed that no one was really paying much attention to her.  Guilt now seeped its way into him as he realized how cold and distant he had been.  “I have seen it…” he mumbled before continuing on with a stronger voice.  “I guess I just…felt like this time it could have happened for me.  That maybe she was the girl for me.”

Splinter’s gaze softened as he placed a clawed hand on his shoulder.  “My son…somewhere someone is waiting for you.  Know this.” He said removing his hand and folding them into the sleeves of his robe.

A smile finally found its way to his face as he stood.  “Thank you father.” He said bowing again before he left, closing the sliding door quietly on his way out.

Leonardo now knew what he needed to do:  find Kaoru and apologize for the way he had been acting.  His eyes scanned the lair, but where was she?

Finally he spotted her sitting watching the television with Mikey.  He instantly felt bad that she was being subjected to the long, monotonous rambling about one of his favourite shows.  She clearly looked disinterested.

Well, it was now or never Leo told himself as he plucked up his courage and strode over to where she sat.

“-And then the guys in the show just look for clues and stuff to help them solve the murders-Oh hey Leo.”  Mikey said upon seeing his brother.

“Hey Mikey...and Kaoru, having fun?” Leo asked lightly.

Kaoru tried to give him a smile but it ended up looking forced as she nodded her head slightly.

“Yeah Leo!  I’m just showing Kaoru here one of the best shows EVER!” he bubbled excitedly.

Leo bent down and whispered, “We have to talk, meet me on the rooftop, I’ll be waiting.”

Mikey wondered what that was all about and decided not to question it.  Something clearly was going one between them.  Like all things with Leo, he knew everyone would find out about it sooner or later.

“See you later.” Leo nodded to her before leaving.

Kaoru stayed with Mikey a while longer before excusing herself to meet Leo on the rooftop.  She remembered the way and was careful to remain out of sight.  Again the light was dying and it took her a moment to locate his silhouette leaning over the edge of the building.  She approached him quietly and with a light touch on his shoulder caused him to jump and suddenly turn towards her.

“Oh!  Kaoru…you’re here.”  Leo said smiling slightly.  “I wanted to…” he began rubbing his neck as he often did when he was embarrassed about something.  “Apologize for not speaking to you lately, I had a lot of thinking to do.” He said, pausing to await her response.

Kaoru took her time with her answer, she was glad for the apology but she was still confused about her feelings and she had a feeling he was too.  “I accept your apology.” She said slowly.  “I do value your friendship and it was my hope that you would remain an ally to me.”

“Of course, you’re not alone in this.” Leo said, feeling much better about their situation already.

She heard his words but still she did feel alone and frustrated and she felt unable to contain the burning intensity within her.  She turned from him to face the cityscape and said barely in a whisper. “Yes…I am…”

Leo almost didn’t hear her, he tilted his head down to catch a glimpse of her face and saw that she was crying.  “Kaoru…?” he asked.

She turned away, angry with herself that she was letting him see the vulnerable side of her.  She was supposed to be the strong one, why was she allowing him to do this to her?  She spun around to face him, clutching at his shoulders.  “Why did you try to kiss me?” she demanded.

For a moment he was unable to form the words into a suitable answer for her.  Her boldness surprised him and all he could do was stare open-mouthed as he struggled to find his voice again.  “I…well…how can I put this simply,” he said scratching his head.  “I like you Kaoru.” He said sheepishly.  “I thought maybe you liked me too and I’m afraid I got caught up in the moment…”

At this her hardened gaze softened and she let her hands fall to her sides.  She had known since they met that he had feelings for her and frankly this scared her more than anything.  She had another!  He was waiting for her.  She felt so far from him though and her confusion was at an all-time high.

“Kaoru, listen to me.” Leo said, gently taking her hand in his.  “I only wish to be your friend, I’m sorry I made you feel…alienated, I mean, alone.” He said correcting himself when he figured she might not understand the initial word.

She felt instantly better now that the pressure was off with him.  Still, she felt that something was left unresolved and her only option left was to open up to him.  Slowly she let her hand slip away as she sank down on an overturned bin.  “Leonardo…you know I have another in my heart yet he is so far from me I find myself thinking we may never be together again.”

He was beside her then, willing to listen to her as long as she needed him to.  “Well…the harsh reality is that you might not be but the possible reality is that you could be.”

“Do you think I will see him again?” She asked.

Although Leo was unbendingly honest he couldn’t bring himself to be that way with her.  “I-It’s possible, I would never give up hope if it was someone I really cared about…” he said turning his face to hers but her eyes remained glued to her clasped hands in her lap.  “It’s going to be okay.” He assured her.

She stayed just the same for a few moments longer before she squeezed her eyes shut and landed a heavy punch into the box they sat upon.  “How can you say that?!” she cried and jumped up from her spot and began to pace back and forth bringing her clenched fists up and back down in a frustrated motion.  “Far too much time has passed and nothing!  Nothing from you, nothing from your brother, I am not going anywhere am I?” She said looking at him as if her was guilty of all of it.  “Be honest!” she demanded.

Again Leonardo was at a loss for words.  Before he had a chance to answer he saw her eyes cloud over with sadness and heard her soft voice utter “That’s what I thought,” as she walked away slowly.   It was clear she felt overwhelmed and it broke his heart to see her this way.  Knowing it was partially his fault made him feel even worse.  He had to help fix this before she lost all hope.  Before she could get too far from him he stepped forward and gently grasped her arm. “Kaoru!  Wait…” he said.

She tried to wrench her arm free from him as she angrily wiped a tear from her eye.  “No!  I have seen it in your eyes! Let me go!”

Leonardo had to take a breath and steady himself as he slowly released her arm, he had to remind himself that she was just scared and frustrated. “Kaoru. Stop.” He said firmly. “You know more than anyone now is not the time to panic! We are going to rescue your friends. It. Is. Going. To. Happen. You have to trust me!”

Kaoru, a bit shocked by his tone of voice, finally turned her tear-stained face toward his. She roughly wiped her tears away and tried to compose herself. He was right. What choice did she have otherwise? Finally finding her voice she said. “I am sorry…I was just…” She sighed, unable to find the right word to express herself.

“…Frustrated?” Leo filled in, when she nodded he lightly put his hands on her shoulders. “Look, there’s a saying here on Earth, a lot of people go by it. Everything will be okay, alright? Focus on that, focus on the task at hand.”

Kaoru took a few breaths, feeling her body finally start to calm down before answering. “I thank you Leonardo. You have much wisdom. I will be happy to wait until the time is right.”

The blue-banded turtle couldn’t help the sigh of relief that escaped his lips. “Good. Let’s go back, you must be hungry.”

She turned to follow. “I am glad to have you as my friend Leonardo.” She said, a small smile playing across her lips.

Leonardo returned the smile as he began leading her back to the lair. Later, after a hot meal, Kaoru had retired to her temporary room and had finally let her exhausted body sleep.

It was time for Leonardo to have a talk with Donatello about the transmat.

The turtle in question was of course completely wrapped up in his work when Leonardo came tapping at the door. Wires, blueprints and various tools were strewn around his workbench as he sported big magnified goggles around his head. When Leo came in he was currently using a small torch causing sparks to fly around his workspace.

“Hey Donnie.” Leo said casually, causing his brother to jump as he looked up suddenly, planting his larger-than-normal eyes on his brother.

“Leo! Uh…what brings you here…?” Donnie asked, putting his tools down and lifting the goggles from his eyes.

Leo crossed his arms, “Just wondering how the whole transmat thing is coming.” He said not expecting the answer to catch him off-guard.

“Oh, it will be operational in a few…” Donnie began, lifting up some blueprints to look at.

He shook his head in disbelief. “What?! You said it would take weeks! When were you planning on telling us? Do you have any idea how much of a flight risk Kaoru is right now?!”

“Whoa, Leo calm down. It’s still going to be a little while. I’m still working out the kinks anyway, gotta make sure this thing sends us exactly where we need to go!”

Leonardo gave a sigh and sank down into a nearby stool. “Sorry Donnie, I thought you said it would be a few hours.”

“Sorry Leo…” Donnie said and added. “Man, she’s really gotten to you hasn’t she? Did you two…?” he asked carefully.

Leoardo eyed him strangely unsure of what he might be insinuating. “We’re friends…nothing more.” He said quietly.

Donnie felt a pang of sympathy for his brother, he understood all too well the pain of unrequited love. “I’m sorry Leo.” He said again placing a hand on his shoulder.

Leo nodded giving him a small smile. “I’m getting the guys together, we need to talk plans.”

In the remaining days that followed the brothers four did indeed talk plans and involved Kaoru in most the discussions. Leo was surprised at how analytical she was about everything. They agreed to split up. Mikey would bring her people’s case to the public and raise awareness. Raph and Donnie would have the task of finding the real president and show him directly how much damage had been caused and convince him to return to his post. Finally Leo and Kaoru would break into the prison containing Kino and Jeannie and get them out at all costs. They assumed of course there would have to be a stand-off between them and General Ivan but were hoping to avoid that if he could be brought down by the actual president.

Leo and Kaoru had also gotten a lot closer since they had agreed to just be friends. They were both content in each other’s company and that was enough. They trained together and he taught her the ways of Earth. She was always very eager to learn and vowed to tell their story to her people. Mikey insisted on introducing her to as many new foods as he can, staying away from anything peanut-related of course. Most food experiments were a success and Kaoru was wondering how she would be able to cope with the loss of bananas, which she had really grown to love. Even Raphael had started to come around to the idea of helping her and even being around her for short periods of time. He seemed to have grown used to her presence in the lair and she no longer feared him as well. Donatello was very excited to get some samples of her poison. He was trying to weaponize it to use for their mission, of course not to kill, only incapacitate.

Before she knew it, she was spending her last night in the lair. It felt unreal that she would soon be back in Federation Space, back home…almost. They were as prepared as they could be. Donnie had contacted Jhanna and she had procured a ship for them that would be nearly undetectable by the Federation and would serve as a home base for everyone. It was better than being transported into a heavily populated area. Jhanna was also able to help them locate Kino and Jeannie, her sources indicated that they were probably being held in the Federation Prison System on a moon orbiting the main Federation planet. Kaoru’s planet was a couple lightyears away, Donnie had obtained images of prison camps now dotting the planet as the soldiers and construction workers continued to strip the planet of its resources. Kaoru did not wish to see them, not yet.

For their last night Mikey had suggested watching a movie since this would be the only downtime they would have for a while. He claimed it would make everyone laugh. He passed a bowl of a puffed snack to Kaoru. He called it ‘popcorn’, and she noticed it tasted salty and very buttery. It was strangely addicting although she did not like the little pieces getting stuck in her teeth.

Kaoru took a seat beside Leonardo on the couch, Mikey flopped down on the other side while Donnie and Raph took the two armchairs flanking the couch.

She found it strange that these four could just sit around and watch a glowing box for hours on end. Then she thought of her people sitting around fires for many nights and sort of understood the appeal, it was not much different at all. Growing tired, her head began to feel strangely heavy, she could feel herself inching closer to Leonardo’s shoulder, which looked very inviting. She was hesitant though for she felt he might not wish to have her lean on him and she wasn’t sure that ‘friends’ would act this way toward each other.

He must have sensed her internal struggle and quietly whispered, ‘It’s okay.’ Just loud enough for her to hear and angled his shoulder for her to lay her head on.

Kaoru smiled gratefully and pulled her legs up to herself and leaned her body against his. It felt comfortable, it felt like home, she was imagining it was Kino she was laying on and she prayed with every fiber of her being that he was okay. They were so close, ‘just hold on.’ She thought. ‘Soon, soon we’ll be together again.’ As she began drifting off she murmured. “Thanks…Kino…” just loud enough for Leonardo to hear.

The turtle in blue gave a soft smile. He couldn’t deny he had enjoyed having her lean on him but he didn’t feel the pressure within himself to pursue a possible relationship with her anymore. Her heart belonged to another, and he would make sure they found each other again. Noticing she had fallen asleep finally, Leonardo carefully took her into his arms and brought her back to her bed.

Better rest while they could…there was no telling what they were getting into tomorrow.
Kaoru's Story: Ch 27
Hmm...what is this? I've actually done something?! :wow:

I've been thinking about it recently so I finally decided to continue writing this. Please keep in mind it's been years so I'm sorry if this is a bit also hasn't been previewed by anyone so I hope it's okay.

If anyone reads this I hope it was worth the wait!

Last Chapter: Here Next Chapter: Here
TMNT Style Meme V.2 by Milykins
TMNT Style Meme V.2
Thanks to the help of: TMNT-Raph-fan (Please go visit her page and give her some love!) I'm able to upload a reprised version of my first meme!

TMNT 2k12 Style and 2014 Movie Style have now been added!

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FELLOW CANADIAN! Donatello has recruited you to fight against the Shredder while dressed in a giant inflatable sumo suit! What's five times three??
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Tag a quality deviant, You’re it! Quality doesn’t mean that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to 10 deviants who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them! ♥
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Thank you! :hug:
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Please Join ClubMonalisa [link] :iconclubmonalisa:
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happy birthday! :cake:
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Thank you for wishing me happy birthday, sorry it took me so long to reply. ^^;
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Not a problem, you are welcome!
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